Celebrate tea in tea jobs and careers! Turn a tea love into a tea career...

Does your love of tea have you dreaming about tea jobs and careers? Surrounded by tea, you can make a living while living your dream! The benefits of tea aren't only physical... nurture your emotional and mental health by choosing a career that lets you celebrate and live your love of tea!

If you're thinking of a career with tea, tea shops, crafts, or affiliate opportunities may be an ideal fit for you...

Work in a Tea Shop... or even Open Your Own!

A tea shop is the perfect place to share your enthusiasm for and knowledge of tea with others - face-to-face! 

Tea Jobs

Whether you work in your favorite local tea shop or open your own independent shop or a franchise, your days will be spent surrounded by tea and others who are curious about tea and as fond of it as you are!

And don't just consider tea shops where you live... this could be your chance to live somewhere new while enjoying tea. So, pull out the globe, close your eyes, and point to pick a spot - or choose your dream location and off you go! (London tea shop, anyone?)

Create Teaware Crafts and Tea Accessories

Are you a magician with your hands, naturally and artistically creating beautiful crafts or other handiwork? Whether you are a potter, a knitter, a quilter, a woodworker, or love to create some other sort of art, you can put your talents to good use in combination with your passion for tea.

If you create striking pottery, design a line of distinctive tea mugs. As a knitter, your creations might include teapot or tea mug cozies, or wraps and mittens with tea motifs. If you are an inspired quilter, show your tea love through tea-patterned quilts, or quilted teacup mats for your next afternoon tea party.

Tea Crafts

Is woodworking your skill? Why not create imaginative containers to hold assorted teabags?

In this job tea creations can be shared with others online (through your own crafting website or Etsy, for example) or in person (at craft fairs and shops both near and far).

Create Skincare or Cosmetic Products with Tea as an Ingredient

As you may know, teas and so many herbal tisanes are beneficial for the skin. From the antioxidants in the teas from the Camellia sinensis tea plant (which help reduce the visible signs of aging) to the topical benefits of Rooibos tea in easing skin irritations (such as itch, sunburn, and diaper rash), tea can make your skin feel better and look healthy and radiant.

And, thanks to scientific research results and traditional wisdom telling us of the goodness of tea for skin, tea is beginning to appear as an ingredient in many skincare and cosmetic products.

Tea Beauty Products

If you are fascinated by the wellness properties of tea for skin and have a passion and talent for creating healthy, natural bodycare products, why not combine the two and create your own line of skincare or cosmetic products based on tea?

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If you didn't find a perfect tea-job fit on this page, you may find your dream tea job on our other Careers in Tea page!

We are learning more every day about the benefits of tea for our physical health - but don't underestimate how much tea can benefit our social, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellness, as well! If you adore tea, you may find that a career in tea may be nurturing and uplifting, and so much more than just a way to pay your bills! In tea jobs and careers, tea will provide so many health and wellness benefits.

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