Death to demodex mites

by Merle
(Hilo, Hawaii)

For eight months, I have struggled with demodex mites in lashes, nose, ears, scalp, and body.

I have used tea tree, neem, orange, clove, lavender, and oregano oils, and over time, they have sensitized my skin.

One day, I made a strong brew of chamomile, cooled it, and applied it on my itching face to tame the inflammation.

When the chamomile dried on my face, I looked into a magnifying mirror and noticed very thin, microscopic white things sticking out of my pores. I picked them up with scotch tape and looked at them using a magnifying glass. They were dead demodex mites.

I repeatedly applied chamomile to my face, and each time saw many dead mites sticking out of my pores.

This brought down the itchiness and inflammation, and I'm so glad I have an alternative to the harsher oils. I now also apply chamomile tea to my scalp and body to bring down the mite count, and look forward to eliminating them soon.

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